Some Prophetic Perspectives Regarding Covid-19 & the Church

March 16 2020 at home. “When the whole situation kicked off nationally in the UK regarding COVID-19, I asked the Lord in my heart what this isolation will look like for me. The Lord showed me a picture of a Formula 1  race scene. In this race, a race car came into the pit stop. This car received brand new tires, a full fuel tank, and a clean visor for clear vision. I believe that for me and many others, God wants to use this social isolation as an opportunity for us to receive new tires for the road ahead, a filled fuel tank for the journey, and clean clear vision for the future.  The tires will help us to stay on the “ narrow path of Life ”. The fuel will be the fuel of “ passion and intimacy with Jesus ” similar to the wise virgins who collected “ oil for the lamp ” as found in the gospels. The clean visor on the helmet will be fresh vision to have, “ eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that understands ” the wisdom and council of the Lord. God is going to grant us a

Fire Will Tip The Scales

Prophetic word for the UK August 2019 “Fire will tip the scales” At David’s tent (UK) worship conference on a Saturday, during a time of worship, I saw in the Spirit the fire of God placed on ‘one side’ of a set of scales. This fire, the Holy Fire and zeal of the Lord tipped the scale in the churches favor. I saw the scales ‘tip’ in favor of where His fire came to rest. I believe this scale is the scale of “Justice and the Lords favor”. Before the fire came, I saw the church “neutralized”. I saw the scale in a 50/50 position. But when the FIRE of God came it completely tipped the scale in our favor. The set of scales (with the fire of God placed on it) is a sign of victory in all things and “revival” of the nation. I also believe that the scales signify a great “justice” that is coming to the nation as the Lord turns many ‘injustices’ around by pouring out His fire on His people.

A Prophetic Blueprint for 2020

A Prophetic Blueprint for 2020 “The year of the Holy Spirit” Introduction: While away on holiday in September 2019 I sought the Lord for a prophetic word for 2020. The Lord then showed me 3 prophetic images that helped me to capture His heart for the upcoming new year. I have decided to share in-depth what was shown to me and as a result, this word is quite lengthy. It is true that a picture can certainly speak a thousand words and I believe it is especially true in the Kingdom of God. Prophecy is a light that shines in a dark place (2 Peter 1:19) and it helps to illuminate the way revealing the heart, mind, and will of the Father concerning a given situation or season. May this prophecy give us a glimpse of what is to come, what we can expect, and how we can even partner with the Lord in what He is doing in the earth. It is my prayer that this word blesses you, strengthens you and causes you to have greater hope for the future! For our future is indeed