A series of revelations regarding the 'End Time Five Fold Ministry, Youth & Intercession'

Prophetic ministry

So the other night I was thinking and reflecting on the end of this age before Jesus return. Whilst doing so I was thinking about how many believers have a negative view of the time before Jesus return.

So instead of focusing on the negative I decided to ask Jesus what the prophetic ministry will look like before His coming. What the Lord showed me was a picture of a large Water fountain. It was continually flowing and many people of many different backgrounds would come and drink freely from this fountain of living water. There was no hindrance, no striving but simply an awesome availability for all to come and be refreshed, strengthened and energized in the Lord.

The Apostolic MinistryToday I asked the Lord what the Apostolic ministry will look like at the end of this age. The picture the Lord showed me was a picture of a Lion in the African wild. In my spirit I got the words 'Lion King' and this awesome animal was surrounded by many other animals of different types.

At first I thought it was my own imagination but then the Lord showed me the scene of 'Simba the Lion Prince' from the film, 'The Lion King'.

In this scene Simba is brought forth and revealed to all the animals in Gods animal Kingdom. The animals came to show their respect and honor. This powerful scene in the film shows the baby Lion lifted into the air and all in attendance bow down in respect and then after a short moment they all break out into shouts of joy and adoration.

I believe the Lord showed me that true apostolic ministers will minister as 'righteous Lions'. They will be fearless, bold and uncompromising. They will also be true kings in the Kingdom and have grace and power to minister as Royal Kings in Gods Kingdom with divine authority in all things.

The scene from the Film I described above showed me that these 'apostolic Lion Kings' will serve one ultimate purpose: To lift up high the name of JESUS. They will not gather saints around themselves or their own ministries, but they will gather saints in order to gather around Jesus. The primary apostolic goal will be to see the saints having their eyes firmly fixed upon the Lamb. They have a burning desire to see the Lamb glorified in the earth.
These apostles will have an anointing 'to prepare the way of the Lord' and Like John the Baptist they will glory not in themselves but when they see Christ meet with His bride.
They labour purely for the bridegroom in power, authority and humility to see Christ lifted high and exalted in the earth. Yes signs and wonders will follow them, yes they will equip the saints, yes they will preach the gospel, yes they will plant and lead many churches, yes they will be fierce as Lions however the true and only test for their apostolic credential will be if they are gathering the saints to Jesus.

Teachers - Sacred Secrets & Hidden Mysteries

Recently I have been asking the Lord questions about the 5 fold ministries and what they will look like before the end of this age.This is what the Lord showed me regarding the teaching ministry as found in Ephesians.

The Lord showed me a picture of two men studying in an ancient library. These individuals reminded me of scholars and scribes who have dedicated their lives to studying the scriptures. In this picture I was struck by the awesome awareness that these scribes would delve deep into study and pursue a path very few would be willing to endure.

These scholars were seeking hidden truth and sacred wisdom for the Bride of Christ. They were true teachers who were delving into multitudes of topics, resources, teaching materials and history books. They had a thirst for truth and a thirst for hidden treasure.

What was most interesting was the fact that these teachers were studying in pairs. This required true humility and the scripture that came to mind was, "one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand".

These anointed Teachers are both scholars and scribes. They study in order to impart wisdom and revelation with sound biblical doctrine and truth. They are artists in their own right and paint the most glorious image of Christ and His gospel. They weave the most beautiful tapestry of anointed truth that floods the earth with healing rain.

Prophetic people tend to rely on direct revelation and that is most wonderful! Five-Fold teachers tend to create beautiful gems that are only found when put together piece by piece through intense study. At the end of this age we can expect these two powerful ministries to be working together and as a result we will start to see the beautiful 'Bride of Christ' emerging in all her glory.

Pastoral Ministry - The House of God

I asked the Lord about the Pastoral ministry and what it will look like at the end of this age.
What the Lord showed me was a picture of a large house that had a traditional roof shaped like a triangle. I was immediately drawn to the significance of the roof and its shape. This house was also 'continually open' to all who would come.
To start I believe the roof signified that the pastoral ministry would gather the saints and provide a covering that would point upwards towards Jesus, where He is seated on the the throne. The five fold pastors will function as spiritual fathers covering the people of God with love and protection whilst continually pointing to Jesus.
As with any home it has a variety of functions. Kitchen for cooking, bathroom for cleaning, lounge for resting and bedrooms for sleeping. Many dwellings also have studies, gardens and other functions that serve a purpose. The Lords pastors will provide spiritual homes for the body of Christ helping them to dwell in the Lords city and in the Lords house whilst being free to access all that the Lord provides in His house.
These pastors are true lovers, shepherds, and fathers who go about the Fathers business. They provide nurture, shelter and safe places for the Lords people to experience many different aspects of ministry in the Lord.
John 14:2-4 (ESV)

2 In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?[a] 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. 4 And you know the way to where I am going.”[b]

Evangelists - Fire Fire Fire, Fire in the harvest fields!!

So I asked the Lord about the five-fold evangelists found in the book of Ephesians. What I was shown was a picture of fiery evangelists with fiery torches and swords. These fearless evangelists were running through the harvest fields with many believers behind them setting everything ablaze! They were creating wild fires that spread in every direction.

Everything these wild ones touched turned to fire as these trailblazers wielded the fiery sword of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing and no one could stop or hinder the power and might of the message they carried. Everything was ripe and ready for the task they had.

I was aware that these bold warriors had a fierceness and a resolve that was almost shocking. They had militant purpose and although almost wild they possessed militant precision.

These evangelists lead from the front, leading the Lords people as they all set fire to the wheat!


Yesterday I sought the Lord for a word about what the intercessors will look like before His return to the earth.
What the Lord showed me caused me to marvel. I saw these intercessors causing 'CATACLYSMIC' SHIFTS in the spirit. When these intercessors prayed, violent shifts would take place in the spirit realm causing a sudden release of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.
In the spirit I was reminded how tsunamis are caused. Tsunamis are created when an earthquake takes place under the ocean. The rapid and sudden 'shift' and 'movement' of rock causes the ocean water to 'lift'. This water movement caused by the moving rock travels for hundreds and thousands of miles until it hits land as a mighty and catastrophic wave.
The intercessors through ANSWERED pray, shift what needs to be shifted in order that a Kingdom Tsunami is released upon the earth bringing healing, redemption, restoration and transformation.
I saw these intercessors in hidden nuclear bunkers. Just as governments have secret and hidden bunkers for nuclear missiles, so does the Lord. His Intercessors will release nuclear missiles of ANSWERED PRAY upon the earth.
I sense an anointing like that of Samuel coming upon these mighty prayer warriors. Samuel had an anointing to cause droughts or rain over whole nations. What Samuel prayed came to pass. It was never hit or miss with Samuel and he had prophetic authority over nations and kings.
The Lord will not trust this authority to just anyone or the immature. He will grant this authority as He wills to those who have been counted worthy and are Trustworthy.


So I asked the Lord what the youth will look like at the end of this age and this is what He showed me:

I saw a flash vision of a group of youth. These teenagers had filled a lounge in a house and were praying to God with frightening passion, hunger, zeal and desire. These youth were preaching the gospel of the Living God to one another. They were captivated by His word and clung onto every sentence with focus, determination and fiery passion. These youth hit the streets and walked out the Gospel of the Kingdom IN the streets.

These youth filled schools with praise and cafeterias with revival. The teachers were shocked but could do nothing to stop this mighty move of God.

These youth were in the presence of the Lord where ever they went. These mighty fiery young ones had tasted true freedom and life in the glory of the Lord. These would not back down or turn away.

These had tasted all that the earth and the enemy had to offer: sex, drugs, alcohol and violence but these blessed ones had now tasted and seen the Lord of Hosts. His GOODNESS and His freedom is now the portion for this coming mighty generation.

These young ones are pure in spirit and do not desire fame or attention. They do not know what it means to build a name or a ministry. Their only desire is to be WITH Him. Because they are with Him they know Him and with the greatest of ease REPRESENT Him to all the world.

Pray for these burning ones. When you see them rejoice! For these burning ones will be a mighty offence to the compromised Christian. 


  1. Hi Ash

    I thought i would share a dream i had mid-January 2020.

    In the dream i was standing in a hall with lots of families, children, youth, adults, Grandparents. Everyone was singing and praising God, young and old. When suddenly all the adults and older people stopped singing and just stood still. The adults became statues. There was a release of the Spirit on the children and Youth. They started to dance and sing and weave themselves around the adults and as they sung and danced amongst the adults the adults slowly started to come alive. little by little the song of the children brought life.

    I felt God was saying to me, get ready for there is coming a move of God that will flood through the children and youth's and will be carried by children. Many will miss this and theologians will dismiss this and church leaders won't know what to do with it! And youth and children leaders will try to contain it! But those that embrace it will come alive. This could easily be missed as it will be 'out of the box' and smash the preconceived ideas we have built up.

    The freedom released on Children and Youth will be infectious, embrace the move of the spirit.

    I hope that is an encouragement for you, as we see these burning ones and we come alive!

    1. Hi Alan. That is an amazing dream and one I am going to remember! Thank you so much for sharing!

      God bless you!


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